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Map Animator

Please read this whole thing if you'd like to apply


Hey there. 


I’m looking for an animator who wants to learn my workflow and style of making maps. I’ve developed a pretty weird workflow over the years but it really works for my needs and I’d like to train someone else in it so they can help me with a variety of projects. This is project-based work and will not pay as much as regular animation gigs. If you’re good at animation this will only be worth it to you if you are looking at it as a training opportunity, to work with me on making maps so you can learn a new skill. It still will pay decently just not as much as regular animation given the training piece. If you’re just looking for animation work, this likely isn’t the gig for you.  


Applicants must have EXTENSIVE experience in After Effects and Illustrator and a good understanding of how 3d cameras work in AE. If you’ve worked with the GeoLayers plug in that’s a big plus.


Also, it would really help if the applicant has some understanding of international affairs. You don’t need a degree. But some baseline knowledge would be helpful, but not totally required. 


If you want to apply, please follow these directions as closely as you can:

Send an email to jobs@johnnyharris.tv

Subject of the email: MAP ANIMATION JOB

Body of the email should look like this:


1. Two sentences about you and what you do. 

2. Do you know how to use the GeoLayers plugin for After Effects? (Yes or No). Note, if the answer is no, that's fine. You still may get the job. I just need to know. 

3. One link to one video you’re proud of. 

4. One link to one video (if you have it) where you worked with maps. 

5. No more than three sentences on anything else you want to tell me (International experience, other experience etc). 


Please no attachments!

Does this job description make me sound crazy? Probably. The reason I’m putting all these strict instructions is because I’m trying to project my time. I may get over 100 applications and if they are in this format it’ll make my life much easier. 

Thank you!